It’s so fun to photograph couples through-out the stages of their lives.  I photographed Holly & Adam’s wedding back in 2012 and now they have a precious little baby. *sigh* What a sweetheart he is!  I love this type of photography where I can come into your home days after you’ve had your baby and photograph this new (second or third) adventure with your family.  If you are interested in in-home newborn photography I’d love to chat with you. Contact me here

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  • Katie Adams

    So precious 🙂

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  • Rosetree Events

    Remember their wedding– it was like yesterday!! These are seriously so amazing!!

  • Theda Hewuse

    Wow…these are wonderful Whitney!

  • Holly Gonsior Unumb

    Awwwww love! I keep looking at them over and over. We love you so!!!

Yep it’s true. My dog Juice has a hidden talent.  The doggie talent just oozes from his bones. Ha ha. Ok, so maybe not.  But with my help I think he’s done well ;–)

I remember stopping in a local Madison, Indiana pet store where I saw these paintings.  Come to find out, dogs themselves painted them. FOR REAL!? How freaking cute is that?  So as soon as I got home I set up shop.  With Juice between my legs (yes, it was quite the set up) it was a dab and press process.  My Juice pie is so good and cooperative – he puts up with a lot of my shenanigans. haha.  Needless to say, here is the final product!

What pet projects have you done with your furry friends?

pet projects
pet paintings
pet paintings


  • Jessica Neumann Hinnenkamp

    ahh cute little puppy prints Juicer!!

St Paul Wedding PhotographerI’ve been dabbling my hands in the area of video.  For fun now, as I am a newbie. But you never know what will develop. Gasp!  I gave up on it this summer because I couldn’t figure out the sound for the life of me. It was literally sucking up all my time and then bam my day was over.  I just didn’t have the time to follow through with it. But I digress.

As you all know, I love my Juice.  So I’m so glad I was able to capture him for my first video…with music.  I’m getting fancy over here folks!  There will definitely me more videos on the horizon.  Maybe as soon as it warms up here in Minn-e-sota! Enjoy!!!


I decided to tried to setting pin curls this morning.  So I wanted to share with you the steps I took to achieve this look.  I would say that the shorter your hair the bigger the hair. FOR SURE.  So I’m super excited for my hair to grow out because this will be perfect!!!

I started out with damp hair and sectioned off.  Each section was blow dried with a roll brush.  Rolled into a curl and pinned.  You do that with your entire head.

Hair TutorialHair TutorialAfter the curls set I took all the pins out and ran my fingers through it.  As you can see my hair got super short and curly.  :–O Scary! That was pretty much it. No hair product!  The longer the hair I would suggest a root lifter ;–) I ran a curling iron through just the bottom layer to let it hang more too.Hair TutorialHair Tutorial Hair TutorialHair TutorialHair Tutorial