Hello to all you new brides or ladies that just read my blog for funsies.  Today I have my first beauty tip going into the New Year.  First off I don’t normally care or wear much make up.  I like the keep it natural looking.  I was introduced to this amazing product by one of my fellow photog friend (not sure if she wants to be mentioned).  Thanks J!  She has amazingly beautiful lashes.  Like WOW!  I thought they were natural.  Technically they are…with a little help.  I went on the internet and purchased it ASAP.revital lash

It was coming up on one month after I used it that I didn’t know if it was working.  But as soon as one month and a day turned my lashes POPPED. BOOM!  I swear by it.  I put it on twice a day morning and night.  I also do a little boost with a lash curler. But not much.  I also must tell you about this bomb dot com mascara.  In my adventure of making my lashes longer I thought I could just get an awesome mascara.  Let me tell you… I have a lot of mascara that hasn’t been used.  It just wasn’t what I was looking for.  Then, on my birthday I went to Sephora and I got a free mini gift.  In it was the mascara I had been looking for. I’m telling ya, the brush on this mascara is out of this world.  I feel like it massages my lashes.  Crazy, right???  And the name of the mascara completely lives up to how I feel about my lashes. LOL.  So give yourself a little gift this year and go out and purchase They’re Real mascara and Revitalash or here photo