Oh. My. Word!  I think I had died and gone to heaven when I arrived at the Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Literally. While Minnesota was getting flurries Kentucky was wrapping up the Fall season.  Just gorgeous. Oh and did I mention, there were donkey and sheep there. Hello!  Can you see why I died?  :–) If you are looking for a great photo spot this is a definite option.kentucky family photographer_0119kentucky family photographer_0110kentucky family photographer_0125kentucky family photographer_0117kentucky family photographer_0111kentucky family photographer_0112kentucky family photographer_0114kentucky family photographer_0131kentucky family photographer_0113kentucky family photographer_0114kentucky family photographer_0116kentucky family photographer_0132kentucky family photographer_0115kentucky family photographer_0118kentucky family photographer_0122kentucky family photographer_0126kentucky family photographer_0127kentucky family photographer_0123kentucky family photographer_0133kentucky family photographer_0124

  • Sabrina Reis

    O. M. G. I love these photos, and I can’t get enough of the adorable donkeys and sheep! That last donkey photo is just adorable!!

If you know me at all, you know that I am a collector of scarfs. Hangers and hangers of scarfs.  I’m not usually a “winter hat” wearing type of gal but I thought I’d try to step outside of my box and try on a few hats the other day at Target. Low and behold, I loved them. They are the cutest most simplest hats that fit my large head and big hair just perfectly.  AND they are cheap! So here are my three hats that I picked up. Yay for hats! Weeehoo!!!