Ahhhhhh!!!!! You guys! I was on the other side of the camera!!! Let’s just say, do as I say, not as I do!  I unfortunately waited until the morning of to pick out my outfit. That was the part you should not do that.  That will make you turn into all sorts of crazy. But what you should do is get your make done and if you have a dog dress that doggie up!  I can’t thank Jackie at Munster Rose enough for the adorable neck wreath for Juice.  I emailed Jackie and said, “I need a masculine neck wreath!” And just like that… she’s pretty much amazing!  Thank you to Romeny from Castor Pollux Beauty for the hair, make-up and va-voom lashes. Love!  Last but certainly not least, Miss Christina from Electric Lime Photography!  You are incredible! Thank you a million!

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  • Absolutely STUNNING!!! Love all of them!!

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Realistically, this is how my week is going.  Deep breathing and lots of it.  I’m learning that in owning your own business, “how you are going to run your company” is completely up to you. And that is a terrifying and thrilling thought all at the same time.  The who, what, where, when and why takes your brain for a spin cycle over and over again. I am definitely not the worlds perfect business owner by any means…AT ALL.  But I do know that I want the absolute bestest (yes, I like to make up words) for each one of my couples.  I want them to have the best vendors for their day.  The best experience.  I want them to have all the pretties in the whole entire world.  Well, I’ll at least try.  More importantly,  I want my couples to love me for me. Corkiness and all. I want them to love me for the eyes that God gave me and for the artist approach that I take in capturing their wedding day.  I am so entirely grateful for all the incredibly sweet sweet couples I have gotten the opportunity to share in their amazing day with. (insert giant smile)

As a business owner, you get A LOT of advice. Some good. Some bad. Some crazy town advice.  You even get critiqued and that my friend can sting the heart. Ouch! Many tears. When you have put your blood, sweat and tears into your business and parts of it fall short here and there it hurts the soul. *sigh* But I am learning.  Learning to not give up. To not just throw my hands up in the air but to get back at it no matter what people say or think. Through all the uglies. I’m learning to take deep breaths, drink more coffee and seriously dance through rough patches.  I love the advice my brother gave me, “Anything worth doing is worth making mistakes pursing. See long term and make the move in that direction come hell or high water…high water is nice, you get to surf!” :–)

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    You are the best and your work shines brilliantly!!

Hey ya’ll so I wanted to share with you my favorite t-shirts right now.  I’m not normally a Christian t-shirt type of gal.  BUT I am a real good phrase, quote or scripture t-shirt type of gal.  I came across Walk in Love website a few months back and fell in love.  They have all sorts of fun stuff; books, jewelry, scarfs. Great t-shirts.  Great prices!!!  Here are a few of my new favs!!!

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