Today’s announcement is brought to you by the word “change.” Change is good. It allows creative juices to flow and businesses to expand.

image by Electric Lime Photo

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that this gal just got hitched! I took the leap and married my love. We had the most beautiful ceremony—just him and I in the woods. Earlier this month, we celebrated with our friends and family in Wisconsin. We couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Now that I’m married, you’re probably wondering if I’m moving? The answer is yes! Currently, I reside in Wisconsin and have been traveling back and forth to Minnesota for meetings and weddings. It’s been working out really well. With all the excitement of getting married and moving, we couldn’t help ourselves, so…we’re moving again! This time, though, we’re going a bit further. My husband will be attending graduate school at the University of Idaho this fall, so we’re moving to IDAHO!!!!! We will be there for the next two years. Please pray for us as we make the 23-hour trek. Don’t hesitate to come visit us, too!!!  We welcome visitors!

What’s going to happen with Whitney Furst Photography? You probably guessed right. Whitney Furst Photography will be changing to Whitney Anderson Photography. I’m very excited about this change. Very soon, I’ll be launching a new website, replete with a brand new logo.

What does this mean for my current clients? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you booked with me, I will be at your wedding and at your engagement session. If you need anything, I’m only a phone call away, and I’m happy to help!

For couples considering booking me: I am still booking weddings in Minnesota (that will not change). I am also booking in Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I love to travel, and I still have lots of family and friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Rest assured, you will be taken care of per usual, regardless of where I lay my head to rest. Thanks to modern-day technology, we can meet via FaceTime, Skype, Google chat, or we can have a phone conversation.

There you have it. Change. I’m very grateful for the couples who have booked and are about to book.  Seriously, I am so lucky to have such terrific clients. As the slogan goes, “If you have fun doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” I love what I do.  We will most definitely miss our friends and family…so come visit us.  But truth be told, we will most likely be back to the mid-west after Alex is finished with school. In the mean time, we are looking forward to this new adventure in our lives and the opportunity to experience the west coast.

We will be moving my husband out to Idaho August 14th to start school.  I will be traveling back and forth for weddings and making the official move October 4th. Many photo updates to come!

  • Claire Montenegro

    That’s so exciting! No doubt your business will grow even more; you’re incredibly talented.

  • Janea Mitcheltree

    I miss you already.

  • Rayna LeAnn Wallen

    So exciting! Congrats! 🙂

  • Laura Rahm

    Wow! Just clicked on your site and saw this update, look forward to hearing more when we meet! Congrats!

  • Whitney

    Yes! This is all very exciting!

Before I start writing a vendor feature, I reminisce about when and how I met each owner.  I remember seeing Tara’s working on blogs, magazines and thinking how romantic and beautiful her work was. I was looking forward to the day I would be able to work with her. Our encounter was pretty typical.  I was a second photographer at a wedding and Tara was the florist. Another time we met was at the Working Workshop where I was able to learn a lot more about A Day in Provence.  Then I knew that Tara was doing big things.  I wanted to be a part of it.  Last year I got the pleasure to be a part of Bridal Soirée styled shoot. She did not disappoint.

Tara, let’s create and shoot conceptual shoots everyday 😉

A Day in Provence Florals

Tell us a little bit about you & your business.
A Day in Provence is a floral & styling boutique continuously inspired by all things floral and french, vintage and beautiful.  I love doing what I do each day & feel really grateful to have my own business in such a fun loving, creative urban area.

How did you begin your journey towards being a florist?

The journey began years ago when my husband and I left our corporate careers & moved to Europe for nearly a year.  I was in search of a new adventure, never dreaming I’d someday have a business of my own.  I dabbled in flowers while living in Paris – stopping at flower shops of every kind & designing back at our apartment in the 6th arrondissement.

And a trip to Provence during that timeframe was oh so inspiring.  The delightful food, pottery, fresh lavender & cobblestone streets…the focus on beauty in everyday life was a little something we wanted to bring back home with us.  We moved back home to Minnesota months after & I started A Day in Provence one year later.
A Day in Provence Florals

What is your favorite thing about being in your line of business?
I love the variety.  Each wedding & event is treated like a brand new project for us.  We never create the same thing twice.  I also love the creative design aspects – the inspiration boards, the floral & ribbon selections, styling, and designing the floral pieces.
A Day in Provence Florals
What is one thing your do not forget to tell your clients?
“You can relax now.  We’ll take good care of you.”
A Day in Provence Florals
If you weren’t in the floral business, what would you like to do?
Ooh, this is tough as I love this creative event industry.  I’d maybe be a travel blogger or photographer documenting highlights of travels from around the world as my suitcase is always packed and ready to go!

Or, I always thought there would be such good energy working on a beautiful college campus…with students eager to learn & ready to take on the world.  I could see myself working with students prepping to study abroad – such a life changing experience for me & is what officially started both my love for travel & never ending love for Europe!
A Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence Florals
How many weddings do you take each year? And, how far in advance should couples book with you for their wedding?
We generally take on just under 30 weddings annually with peak season occurring from May – October.  We have wedding clients booking with us anywhere from 6-12 months out.  
A Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence Florals

If you could make an arrangement for someone famous, who would that be?
Well, one of our floral career highlights was meeting & designing for the beautifully talented Julie Andrews in Saint Paul a few years ago.  I’m not sure I can top that one (and she would have been high on my list to begin with, et voilà!).  I mean, how lucky can a girl get?A Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence FloralsA Day in Provence Florals

Who is ready for the Derby today?

I had the vision to collaborate on a Kentucky Derby conceptual shoot that would go nicely with my Bridal Soiree’ that I shot last year.  The opportunity didn’t present itself until I was doing a vendor shoot of Miss Renee owner of The Bowtie Shoppe.  She mentioned that she had a vision of doing a Derby shoot as well. How perfect to also feature her bow ties.  With the help from Casey owner of Belle Noelle Events & Design to add the finishing touches and organization, this shoot was meant to be :–)

Venue Location: Canterbury Park Horse Racing Track
Wedding Planner: Belle Noelle Events & Design
Mens bow ties: The Bowtie Shoppe

Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot42Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot45Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot44Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot43Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot46Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot49Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot48Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot47Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot50Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot53Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot52Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot51Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot54Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot57Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot56Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot55Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot58Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot61Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot60Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot59Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot64Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot67Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot66Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot65Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot68Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot71Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot70Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot69Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot72Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot75Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot74Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot73Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot76Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot79Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot78Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot77Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot80Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot82Canterbury Kentucky Derby Conceptual Shoot81