It’s Rosetree!!!!!!!!! Jenn & Janea of Rosetree Events.  The story of how I met these two beautiful ladies is simple, 3 years ago at a wedding I was photographing and they were the wedding planners.  Shout out to Holly & Adam!!!!  I still remember teaching them how to use instagram :–)  It’s has been an absolute pleasure watching these two grow into the brand that is Rosetree Events!!!  Love you ladies!

Rosetree Wedding & EventsTell me a little bit about you and your business.
We are a wedding and event planning and coordination firm. We (Janea and Jenn) always knew that we would be doing something with events or weddings.  We met when we were 12 and 15 years old and were consumed with fun events and weddings while we were young!  When we were 18 and 21 we actually wrote our first business plan to start our own planning business but life got a hold of us and at last a decade or so later we finally followed our dreams and started Rosetree!  Rosetree is a mix of our 2 last names, Rosen & Mitcheltree.  We love all the pretties and the administration that goes into having a business like ours!

How did you begin your journey towards Wedding Planning?
We both started planning events and weddings at very young ages. When we became friends in our teens, we teamed up for wedding planning/coordination at our church and the passion and future dream of our partnership began. We actually started with a very simple business plan when we were just out of high school.Rosetree Wedding & Events

How would you explain the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator? Do you do both?
Yes, we do both planning & coordination! We define a wedding planner as that go to person, typically hired at the very beginning process of planning, who will not only help establish a budget but who also guides clients with design, vendor recommendations/meetings, timeline creation, is a quick problem solver & sometimes therapist all the while managing logistics for overall day (and much more). A wedding coordinator will provide additional help day of, timeline creation and will execute all of the planning the couple have done the day of while being the main point of contact for wedding party, family, vendors and guests.

What is one thing you don’t forget to tell your clients?
We always tell them to plan on scheduling alone time. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day and the festivities that couples forget to steal some moments just for themselves. Plus they may want a kiss or two without all eyes being on them!
Rosetree Wedding & Events
Rosetree Wedding & EventsWhen designing a wedding, what is the basic process you go through with couples to nailing down a style direction?
Most importantly, we thrive on the inspiration that comes when meeting a couple and hearing about their story and their listening to what they envision for their wedding day. Once we get a good idea of what their vision is we put together a style board with the color palette, details and rentals. This is a great visual that allows our clients to see how all the décor pieces will fit together.
St. Paul - Minneapolis Wedding Coordinators
Do you have a team of wedding planners on team Rosetree Weddings & Events?
We have a great group of Rosebuds (20 in all) that consist of Lead Planners, Assistants & interns. Our team photos and bios are found on our about us page on our website., please check them out and get to know us a little more.Rosetree Wedding & Events
If you could plan any wedding or event, what would that be?
Destination weddings! We love to travel and love the different cultures around the world! (PLUS: traveling in the winter time is a bonus!)St. Paul - Minneapolis Wedding CoordinatorsRosetree Wedding & Events

  • Rosetree Events

    Thank you Whitney Furst! We just love knowing you and working with you! xoxo

  • Sandy Bastien Karanja

    Dreams do come true. Congrats to you both for following your hearts.

Is it time for you to go bridal gowns shopping?  Might I recommend a&be’ Bridal Shop.  Not only are the ladies of this shop super sweet, the place is absolutely beautiful.  Make sure you put this shop on your list.  You will not be disappointed.
a & bea & be

Tell us a little bit about you and your business.
a&bé bridal shop is a bridal boutique created to bring brides the coolest wedding dressses from both indie and traditional designers. a&bé bridal shop is brand new to minneapolis (we opened in august) but has an established history in the bridal industry. First and foremost, a&bé supports the up&coming, & the indie, & the creative bridal designers and connects them to brides. Secondly, a&bé gives brides access to something different: we have a little bit of the bohemian, & the casual, & the vintage, & the separates, & the alternative & the romantic.

a & bea & be

How did you begin your journey towards a&be’?
a&bé bridal shop is a new boutique created to support the creative surge happening in weddings across the nation. a&bé is an easy, no-fuss experience for brides who want a more laid back approach to their wedding dress shopping.  

What is your favorite thing about being in your line of business?
There are so many things that I love about this business, but it probably comes down to the people. I get to work with the most awesome people every day. And these people include our brides, our designers, and our team. 

a & bea & be

How early should clients purchase their dress?
Generally, at least 7-9 months in advance! The gowns can range in the length of production time and then clients should factor in additional time for alterations. Plus, so many decisions hinge on the gown choice so until the dress is selected many other decisions are put on hold. 

What is one thing you don’t forget to tell your clients?
Thank you! We truly appreciate every single one of our brides! We feel really honored to be invited to be a part of their wedding experience. 

a & bea & bea & be

What are some of the great designers that you carry?
I love all of our designers and what’s cool is that we are bringing so many of them to Minnesota for the first time! These include: Truvelle, Anna Campbell, Sarah Seven, Katie May, Claire La Faye, Elizabeth Dye, and Rue De Seine! a & be

What makes A&be stand out?
It’s our combination of designers, the aesthetic of our space, and our fun, friendly experience! 

If you could fit someone famous for a dress, who would that be?
Zooey Deschanel! I love her quirky style!
a & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & be

These ladies are so fun. I first met Whimsy Design when they reached out to me and just wanted to meet more people in the industry. Besides my unfortunate sense of direction to find the coffee shop we were going to meet at, we had a blast.  From the start, we were cracking jokes the entire time! :–)  It was destiny that we needed to do a collaboration!  I’m so glad I got the opportunity to photograph these two in motion.  They make a fantastic team and create the most amazing wedding bouquets.  I mean really!
Whimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis Minnesota
Tell me a little bit about you both and your business.
Emma and I are six years apart. We didn’t start out as best friend sisters because of our age difference, but definitely have become them!  Emma has always had a knack for fine arts. She’s dabbled in everything from painting to pottery.  I, on the other hand, was more into theater and choir in my upbringing, and was always very comfortable onstage and public speaking. These characteristics definitely shaped our roles in the business. Emma is more of the designer among us, and I am more of the business of the biz. We both do the floral together, but are guided by Emma’s eye for the creative.
 Minneapolis, MN Wedding FloristWhimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis MinnesotaWhimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis Minnesota
How did you begin your journey towards being a Florist?
Our mother was a florist and owned her own floral design business when we were growing up. In addition, she is also an expert gardener, and has raised us with a deep love for flowers. We both grew up being her assistant, and were exposed to the wedding industry at a young age. We got a back door view of the wedding world at a young age that stuck with us for life.  When we were older, we realized that we have the same knack for creative design that she had, and it was pretty easy to realize that we were destined to work in the same industry that we had come to love.  We lived together for four years while we formulated and launched our business.  Since then it has been about educating ourselves, becoming knowledgable about all aspects of the floral world(as vast as it is), and continuing to grow and change.
Whimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis MinnesotaWhimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis Minnesota
Whimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis Minnesota
What is your favorite thing about being in your line of business?
We both agree that our favorite thing about what we do is being chosen by someone to make the most special day of their lives that much more special. There is something that can be said about the amount of gratitude you have to have towards your clients who choose YOU to represent them on their day.  It’s pretty freaking awesome.  And obviously making pretty things. Not everyone gets to go to their job to create beauty.
Whimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis MinnesotaWhimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis MinnesotaWhimsy Floral Design in Minneapolis MinnesotaWedding Flowers in Minneapolis Minnesota
Wedding Flowers in Minneapolis Minnesota

How early should clients book you? And what is the process of working with Whimsy Design?
We take bookings anywhere from 6mo to a year plus at this point(though a good procrastinating bride shouldn’t count us out).  We like to first gain some information from our clients to find out if we are a good fit for them.  We love when our clients provide us with tons of inspiration. Colors, textures, and size reference are always helpful.  Having a link to someone’s Pinterest page is like having a key into their brain. It really helps us define their style.  Then we take a meeting to discuss their vision, draft up an estimate, and then plan a final design meeting.
How early should clients book you? And what is the process of working with Whimsy Floral?How early should clients book you? And what is the process of working with Whimsy Floral?How early should clients book you? And what is the process of working with Whimsy Floral?How early should clients book you? And what is the process of working with Whimsy Floral?

You two are sisters, what is the best thing about working with family?
The best thing/worst thing about working with your family is the ability to be honest with one another.  A lot of people in working relationships lack the ability to take a step back and tell the other person how they are thinking or feeling. With your sibling, it’s a little easier to tell them you don’t like something. You might face some immediate anger or frustration, but you always get over it. No matter what, you’re still family….you might hate each other for 20 minutes….but you’re still family:)
Wedding Flowers in Minneapolis MinnesotaWedding Flowers in Minneapolis Minnesota

If you could make an arrangement for someone famous, who would that be?
Someone famous?  Anyone famous at this point I think would make us happy:). Though Martha Stewart is still always the dream.
Wedding Flowers in Minneapolis Minnesota

Mollie, owner of The Glow Lounge is taking the spray tanning industry by storm.  I love this girl and I want you to love her and her business more.  I met Miss Mollie at the Twin Cities Wedding Professional Christmas party. Jenn from Rosetree Events would always tell me, “You have got to meet Mollie from The Glow Lounge. She is hilarious!!!! You would love her!”  Sure enough, yep, I love her.  There isn’t a time Mollie and I don’t talk that we are laughing together.  Did I mention she’s the most beautiful red head on the planet? And yes, her tan always looks effortless.

The Glow Lounge is located in Edina and recently opened a second location in St. Paul.  Go check them out – you will not regret it!!!

Makeup & Hair: Allison Jean Aubuchon
the glow lounge

The Glow Lounge Minneapolis

Tell me a little bit about you and your business.
The personal stuff.  I’m married to my BFF and love my big Mastiff, Tilly.  I enjoy traveling, delicious food and wine, and being with the people I love.

The work stuff.  I’m a redheaded girl who just wanted to look tan like all my non-ginger friends.  I pushed my skin to the limit as a teenager just trying to get some color, but the only color I ever got was red.  Not fair, huh?  In my mid 20’s I found sunless tanning and bought my first airbrush machine.  My skin thanked me. 

I’ve been in the airbrush tanning industry for 7 years.  Launching The Glow Lounge was an idea I’d had for quite some time before I finally bit the bullet and set up our first shop on France Ave. in Edina.  We hit the ground running 3 years ago and I’m still loving it.

The Glow Lounge is a custom airbrush tanning boutique with locations in Edina and St. Paul.  We specialize in giving our clients the most natural-looking tan to fit their skin tone and desired look using our heated airbrush system.

What should a person expect when going into a spray tanning appointment?
We recommend taking some steps to prepare your skin for the tanning appointment and we send all that information to our clients in an email when they book their appointment.  At the appointment you can expect to have a consultation with your technician which helps her be able to formulate the best color for you.  The application itself is heated and takes about 8-10 minutes. You can expect to be in and out in 20 minutes.  It’s quick and easy!

What is your fav thing about being in your line of business?
There are so many things!  But one thing I love is that we provide a service that makes people look and feel good without causing any damage to their skin.  

Usually people come to see us before going to a fun event or on vacation, which means they are looking forward to getting their tans.  Our clients do the funnest things and we love hearing about it.  The energy is always high at The Glow Lounge which makes our work fun.

How early should people book their appointments?
If you’re tanning for something important like a wedding or vacation, book as soon as your dates set.  We tend to book up at least 2 weeks ahead of time, or even more during wedding season.  So if having the tan is a must then it’s best to plan ahead to be safe.

We suggest that if you’re tanning for your wedding that you come in for a trial appointment at least a month before the wedding.  No bride is the same! That is why we customize your tan to your skin tone and preference.   A bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to schedule your trial tan.

What is one thing you do not forget to tell your clients?
Can I say two things?  First, after your appointment you have to stat dry, meaning sweat-free and shower-free,  for 10-12 hours after the tan is applied.  Plan ahead.  Schedule all mani/pedis and waxes to be done the day prior to your tanning appointment. 

Second thing, the products you use on your skin while you have the tan can make or break it.  We will go over the do’s and don’ts with you before you walk out our door, so no worries.

If you weren’t in the tanning industry, what would you like to do?
Good question.  In a perfect world I’d be living on an island with my main man and my Tilly, and I’d enjoy making and selling natural skincare products made from local ingredients.  My life now is a close second to that dream though.  No complaints.

Tell us something we do not know about you?
I’m also a sign language interpreter.

Pick one:  Pop or Soda?  (no judgement)
This one’s easy…Pop!

The Glow Lounge Minneapolis

The Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge Minneapolis

Its been almost one year since I jet set to Las Vegas, Nevada for WPPI.  First time in Vegas, first time at WPPI. It was a thrilling  adventured with my friend Christina. We said if we went, we wanted to shoot a conceptual shoot while we were there – for sure!  And sure enough we did!!!!!! Here are some images from the shoot at Red Rock Country Club with our lovely group of photographer friends. :–)

This year we will be skipping Vegas and trading the desert landscape for the beaches of Cancun-Riviera Maya in April.  Be on the look out for that fun adventure!!!!

Coordination & Design: Scheme Events
Venue: Red Rock Country Club
Cake and Macarons: Gimme Some Sugar
Cotton Candy: B Sweet Candy Boutique
Sequin Table Linens: La Tavola
Sequin Table Runners: Koyal Wholesale
Wedding Dress: Bella Bridesmaids
Bridesmaid Dresses: Style the Aisle
Rentals: RSVP Party Rentals
Floral: Enchanted Florist
Hair & Makeup services: Amelia C & Co.
Cotton Candy Favors: Welcome Bag Shoppe


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  • Andrea Stallman

    Katrina Cook from Waterloo, IA gave me your name (we go to church together and she is my hairstylist). Our daughter is getting married in Cedar Falls, IA June 11, 2016 and I was wondering if you would travel that far for wedding photography? My email is: