Mollie, owner of The Glow Lounge is taking the spray tanning industry by storm.  I love this girl and I want you to love her and her business more.  I met Miss Mollie at the Twin Cities Wedding Professional Christmas party. Jenn from Rosetree Events would always tell me, “You have got to meet Mollie from The Glow Lounge. She is hilarious!!!! You would love her!”  Sure enough, yep, I love her.  There isn’t a time Mollie and I don’t talk that we are laughing together.  Did I mention she’s the most beautiful red head on the planet? And yes, her tan always looks effortless.

The Glow Lounge is located in Edina and recently opened a second location in St. Paul.  Go check them out – you will not regret it!!!

Makeup & Hair: Allison Jean Aubuchon
the glow lounge

The Glow Lounge Minneapolis

Tell me a little bit about you and your business.
The personal stuff.  I’m married to my BFF and love my big Mastiff, Tilly.  I enjoy traveling, delicious food and wine, and being with the people I love.

The work stuff.  I’m a redheaded girl who just wanted to look tan like all my non-ginger friends.  I pushed my skin to the limit as a teenager just trying to get some color, but the only color I ever got was red.  Not fair, huh?  In my mid 20’s I found sunless tanning and bought my first airbrush machine.  My skin thanked me. 

I’ve been in the airbrush tanning industry for 7 years.  Launching The Glow Lounge was an idea I’d had for quite some time before I finally bit the bullet and set up our first shop on France Ave. in Edina.  We hit the ground running 3 years ago and I’m still loving it.

The Glow Lounge is a custom airbrush tanning boutique with locations in Edina and St. Paul.  We specialize in giving our clients the most natural-looking tan to fit their skin tone and desired look using our heated airbrush system.

What should a person expect when going into a spray tanning appointment?
We recommend taking some steps to prepare your skin for the tanning appointment and we send all that information to our clients in an email when they book their appointment.  At the appointment you can expect to have a consultation with your technician which helps her be able to formulate the best color for you.  The application itself is heated and takes about 8-10 minutes. You can expect to be in and out in 20 minutes.  It’s quick and easy!

What is your fav thing about being in your line of business?
There are so many things!  But one thing I love is that we provide a service that makes people look and feel good without causing any damage to their skin.  

Usually people come to see us before going to a fun event or on vacation, which means they are looking forward to getting their tans.  Our clients do the funnest things and we love hearing about it.  The energy is always high at The Glow Lounge which makes our work fun.

How early should people book their appointments?
If you’re tanning for something important like a wedding or vacation, book as soon as your dates set.  We tend to book up at least 2 weeks ahead of time, or even more during wedding season.  So if having the tan is a must then it’s best to plan ahead to be safe.

We suggest that if you’re tanning for your wedding that you come in for a trial appointment at least a month before the wedding.  No bride is the same! That is why we customize your tan to your skin tone and preference.   A bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to schedule your trial tan.

What is one thing you do not forget to tell your clients?
Can I say two things?  First, after your appointment you have to stat dry, meaning sweat-free and shower-free,  for 10-12 hours after the tan is applied.  Plan ahead.  Schedule all mani/pedis and waxes to be done the day prior to your tanning appointment. 

Second thing, the products you use on your skin while you have the tan can make or break it.  We will go over the do’s and don’ts with you before you walk out our door, so no worries.

If you weren’t in the tanning industry, what would you like to do?
Good question.  In a perfect world I’d be living on an island with my main man and my Tilly, and I’d enjoy making and selling natural skincare products made from local ingredients.  My life now is a close second to that dream though.  No complaints.

Tell us something we do not know about you?
I’m also a sign language interpreter.

Pick one:  Pop or Soda?  (no judgement)
This one’s easy…Pop!

The Glow Lounge Minneapolis

The Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge MinneapolisThe Glow Lounge Minneapolis

Its been almost one year since I jet set to Las Vegas, Nevada for WPPI.  First time in Vegas, first time at WPPI. It was a thrilling  adventured with my friend Christina. We said if we went, we wanted to shoot a conceptual shoot while we were there – for sure!  And sure enough we did!!!!!! Here are some images from the shoot at Red Rock Country Club with our lovely group of photographer friends. :–)

This year we will be skipping Vegas and trading the desert landscape for the beaches of Cancun-Riviera Maya in April.  Be on the look out for that fun adventure!!!!

Coordination & Design: Scheme Events
Venue: Red Rock Country Club
Cake and Macarons: Gimme Some Sugar
Cotton Candy: B Sweet Candy Boutique
Sequin Table Linens: La Tavola
Sequin Table Runners: Koyal Wholesale
Wedding Dress: Bella Bridesmaids
Bridesmaid Dresses: Style the Aisle
Rentals: RSVP Party Rentals
Floral: Enchanted Florist
Hair & Makeup services: Amelia C & Co.
Cotton Candy Favors: Welcome Bag Shoppe


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2015 is starting off to be just great for you!  Congratulations!  I thought it would be a good idea to start out the first Monday of the year with a blog series on the process of planning a wedding.  This will include suggestions of vendors and their work, how to tutorials, tips and tricks and some give-a-ways.  If you would like a specific topic covered in this series leave a comment below and I will get it covered. :–)

Let’s start off with the ‘5 things you should start planning now for your wedding’.  Good place to start, huh? ;–)
Maybe you got engaged over the holidays or maybe you are just now getting to your planning process. After you take some time to celebrate together with family, take a deep breath, get the pen and paper out and make this list.  Let me help you with the first 5 items you should start planning for your wedding.
#1  Wedding Date
Oh boy! Everyone wants to know.  The second thing that people will ask you following your announce of your engagement is, “So, when is the big day?!”  Break out your family planner.  Maybe there is a date that means so much to you like an Anniversary date. Perhaps you’d like to share the wedding date of your parents.  Your wedding date doesn’t need to have special meaning but make sure that the wedding date works for you guys.  Write down several dates 5-10 dates and start discussing each date.  Before you know you’ll have your date.
Keep in mind that this wedding date is about you. Don’t sweat it if people can’t make it.  It will be merely impossible to meet everyone’s schedule.  Pick the date you both want and your loved ones will be there.  Promise!
#2  Set your budget (Cha-ching!)
Before you can start picking vendors you must set your wedding budget.  I know, I know, you are antsy to start looking at pretty stuff but setting a budget is important.  This will set the tone and make the planning process go easy breezy. ;–)  You will want to pick vendors that are in your budget and not show up to a meeting wasting everyones time when they are out of your price range. This budget will help with this.  Consider having the people paying for the wedding present at this part of the meeting.
And as a side note, no one really likes discussing money.  So make this part fun.  Pop some popcorn, break out the bubbly and sweets available.  This meeting will be over before you know it. ;–)
#3  Venue Location
Once you have your date settled, now comes all the fun stuff. Picking your vendors.  The first place is a venue.  This with set the tone to your entire wedding theme.  Are you looking for a farm? Country club?  Maybe you’d like an industrial wedding look.  These are things you need to keep in mind.  As soon as you pick your date, pick your venue asap.  Venues book up fast depending on your desired location (10months to 18months out).
#4  Pick your photographer
Now this is NOT #4 because I am a photographer.  Truly.  Photographers book out 9-12 months in advance so if you have a particular photographer you want the longer you wait the chances will be greater that they are booked.  So make sure you make #4 a priority….along with #3.  Once you have selected your photographer you will want to schedule your engagement session too. If you happen to be getting married in puerto rico click here to see the best puerto rico wedding photographer.
#5 Consider a Wedding Planner
Wedding Planners are not just for the busy, out of state couple.  They are truly there to help you find the best of the best vendors within your budget, make decisions based on your desires and to be there for you to run the show on your wedding day.  #5 will be one of the best investments.  I suggest to my couples to at least consider hiring a wedding coordinator for the day of.  Imagine all of the hustle and bustle being taken care of by the wedding planning and you get to enjoy every ounce of your wedding day.  Sounds like a dream, huh?

How is your wedding planning process going? Have you come a crossed any hick ups?  Or maybe you had success with something in your planning process- what works for you?